Understanding Medicare

Understanding Social Security

EducateU is pleased to offer workshops that are community based, corporate and advisor sponsored and online (internet based). We offer workshops and education events for our Understanding Medicare, Understanding Social Security, Understanding Minnesota Health Care Exchange and Understanding Long Term Care series.

EducateU community workshops are centered around the education and understanding of resources available in regards to Medicare, Social Security, Minnesota Health Care Exchange and Long Term Care Planning.
Community workshops are not selling events, and specific products or carriers will not be mentioned. We intend our workshops to be a place of education, empowerment and peace of mind for all participants. Each session is held in a local community center, hotel or corporate training facility. The event typically lasts 60 – 90 minutes . Light refreshments are typically served. At present we offer community workshops in Minnesota and California. Online workshops are available anywhere internet is available.

To learn more about our workshop offerings review our website or contact our corporate office via phone or email.

At present we offer community, corporate and advisor workshops in Minnesota and California. Event registration is required.

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