Beyond Medicare

As a Network Partner, Beyond Medicare has been serving the needs of seniors for over 25 years.

As Certified Presenters and hosts for EducateU educational events they bring a high level of objectivity, candor, and impact to all attendees at their hosted events.

They live by the philosophy: Empowering Seniors to Make Informed Decisions

The Beyond Medicare understands that your retirement years present questions that require thoughtful, informed decisions:

  • How can I maximize my health-care coverage through Medicare and Medicare supplements?
  • What can I do to protect my estate from an extended nursing home stay?
  • Are strategies available that won’t put my principal at risk?
  • What strategies are available to effectively preserve my assets and create a meaningful legacy for my loved ones?

How these issues are addressed can have a profound effect on the quality of your golden years.

To learn more about Beyond Medicare visit their website at You can also book an appointment directly using the Beyond Medicare Appointment Scheduler.

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