Whether you are an individual planning for Long Term Care, Social Security eligible, ready to enroll in a state sponsored Healthcare Exchange or seeking answers regarding Medicare; EducateU can help cut through the confusion. EducateU offers expert guidance to help you understand the coverage options beyond the basic benefits.

The world of Medicare, Social Security, Health Care and Long Term Care Planning can be a challenging one to understand – all but the most experienced experts in the field can be overwhelmed by all of the plan options and confusing jargon.  EducateU’s expertise is in educating you so that you are able to navigate this territory with confidence.


EducateU presents Understanding Medicare, an unbiased resource with a unique distinction. We not only have the ability to offer an objective comparison of the options in the marketplace, but we are committed to educating you throughout the process to allow you to make a confident decision.

Social Security

EducateU presents Understanding Social Security. Social Security is a critical component of retirement planning – one that can be overwhelming and potentially costly if you are uninformed. Today 74% of retired Americans are collecting reduced Social Security benefits – most likely because they are unaware of options that may increase their benefit payments.

Minnesota Health Care Exchange

EducateU presents Understanding Minnesota Health Care Exchange. Being eligible for the Minnesota Health care Exchange (MNSure) means having to make crucial decisions about plans and coverage. With the overwhelming amount of information available, making an informed decision can seem like an impossible task.

Long Term Care Planning

EducateU presents Understanding Long Term Care. The United States is experiencing record growth in its aging population. In fact, according to Census Bureau projections, the number of people ages 65 and older will increase an unprecedented 115 percent between 2010 and 2050. Education and effective planning has never been more important.