Social Security is a critical component of retirement planning – one that can be overwhelming and potentially costly if you are uninformed. Today 74% of retired Americans are collecting reduced Social Security benefits – most likely because they are unaware of options that may increase their benefit payments.

Social Security benefits are one of the most important parts of any retirement portfolio. A poor election can be costly. Making the right decision can contribute significantly to one’s financial security. This is one of the largest financial decisions of your life.

Our Understanding Social Security workshop provides educational workshops on the basics of Social Security Benefits. We also can provide informative reports and consultation on the various elections available. For many, Social Security is the primary income source for retirement. Our workshops and resources supply individuals with the resources needed to make an educated and confident election decision.

Why should you attend a Social Security Workshop?

  • For many, Social Security is the primary income source in their retirement years
  • Learn how income can affect Social Security benefits after age 62 and age 66
  • Identify the election options available to maximize your lifetime income benefit
  • Couples can understand the two basic techniques that enable “switch strategies”

Social Security is a complex system. We can provide the tools, education and assistance to help you make a confident Social Security claiming decision.

  • Custom reports to help you find the optimal strategy
  • Compare and analyze all the alternatives
  • Interactive reports with the advice from an expert
  • Assistance with our tools and to help apply for benefits

Understanding Social Security is an unbiased resource with a unique distinction. Our educational event will teach you all there is to know about Social Security and how you can maximize your benefits for the rest of your life.

Understanding Social Security workshops will be held in Minnesota and California. Review our calendar for an event near you in Minnesota or California