Who is EducateU?

We are an independent educational resource specializing in educating individuals about Medicare, Social Security and Long-Term Care. We work with individuals, community organizations, employer groups and professional advisors. Our mission is to empower seniors as they make informed decisions.

What does EducateU do?

We provide workshops, webinars and online training. Our focus is education on a variety of levels. We are committed to complete objectivity in all of our information sessions and workshops giving you the information needed to make engaged, informed and timely decisions regarding Medicare, Social Security, and Long-Term Care.

How long have you been offering educational events?

We have been serving the local communities and large employer groups for over 20 years.

How is EducateU funded?

EducateU workshops and events are funded with the support of our local community sponsors and large employer groups. EducateU events are available at no cost to participants.

What can I expect at a workshop?

EducateU community workshops provide a high-level orientation to Medicare, Social Security, and Long-Term Care. We intend our workshops to be a place of education, empowerment and peace of mind for all participants. Each session is held in a local community center or corporate training facility. The event typically lasts 60 – 90 minutes.

How do I attend a webinar?
Once registered, you will receive an email confirmation with a link to the webinar.  We currently use Zoom for our webinars.  Prior to the event, you will need to download Zoom on the device you plan to use. 
If you are uncomfortable with Zoom, you can call into the webinar using the phone number and password included in the confirmation.  Please note, if you do choose to dial in you will not be able to see the presentation.
Do you have a question for EducateU?
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Or simply call our company offices at 888-960-6334 or reach us by email info@EducateUonline.com.

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