EducateU has the ability to work collaboratively, and objectively with Advisors as they serve the needs of their clients.

Advisors who desire to educate and empower their existing clients are welcome to leverage the resources of EducateU by sponsoring a local event for their client base.

Advisors interested in sponsoring a local EducateU workshop should contact our company offices in Minnesota. An honorarium is expected for each Advisor sponsored event. EducateU does not participate in CMS registered sales events.

EducateU is pleased to work with our network of independent Network Members in the Minnesota and California markets.

Our Network Member program is open to qualified candidates with a proven track record of service to the 55+ audiences. Candidates typically come from the Insurance, Financial Services, Accounting, or Legal industries. EducateU Network Program Members gain access to our proven workshop content, deliverables and business methods.

To learn more about local Advisor sponsored events, or our Network Member Program call 888-960-6334 or email


EducateU LLC is an independent educational resource company focused on educating and empowering senior adults. We are not a sales organization. As a non-government agency, we comply to our best ability with required CMS guidelines in the communication of content and materials provided.

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